Journal Articles

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6. Sutherland IJ, Villamagna AM, Ouellet Dallaire C, Bennett EM, Chin ATM, Tomscha SA, Lamothe KA, Yeung ACY, Cormier R (In Press) Undervalued and under pressure: a plea for greater attention toward regulating ecosystem services Ecological Indicators. doi: 10.1016/j.ecolind.2017.06.047.

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3. Lamothe KA, Allen RM, Winningham K, Dennis C, Johnson RL (2016) Stocking for a trophy bass fishery: searching for size differences among largemouth bass and hybrids in southern Arkansas reservoirs Lake and Reservoir Management, 32(2), 194-207. doi: 10.1080/10402381.2016.1149258.

2. Lamothe KA, Johnson RL (2013) Microsatellite analysis of trophy largemouth bass from Arkansas reservoirs Journal of the Arkansas Academy of Science, 67, 71-80.  Available at:

1. Lamothe KA, Allen RM, Cato C, Winningham K, Dennis C, Johnson RL (2012) Shifting genetic composition of largemouth bass populations in dendritic arms of two large Arkansas reservoirs through stocking of Florida largemouth bass Proceedings of Annual Conference of Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, 66, 82-87. Available at:

Articles in Review

3. Lamothe KA, Somers KM, Jackson DA. Linking the ball-and-cup analogy and ordination trajectories to describe ecosystem stability, resistance, and resilience Submitted to Ecosphere

2. Lamothe KA, Drake DAR, Dextrase AJ (In Review) Characterizing species co-occurrence patterns of imperfectly detected stream fishes to inform species repatriation efforts Conservation Biology

1. Lamothe KA, Drake DAR (In Review) Moving repatriation efforts forward for imperiled freshwater fishes Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

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