Government Reports / Working Papers

3. Evaluating the distribution of Eastern Sand Darter (Ammocrypta pellucida) in the Ausable River, Ontario
Authors: D. Andrew R. Drake, Karl A. Lamothe, David W. Andrews, and K. Jean
Year: In Preparation
OutletCanadian Manuscript Report of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

2. Expanding the field of ecosystem services practitioners — 18 benefits from using classification systems
John Finisdore, Charles Rhodes, Roy H. Haines-Young, Simone Maynard, Jeffrey Wielgus, Anthony Dvarskas, Joel Houdet, Fabien Quétier, Helen Ding, François Soulard, George Van Houtven, Petrina Rowcroft, and Karl A. Lamothe
Year: 2019
Outlet: Working Paper for Sustainable Flows. To be published elsewhere.

1. Determination of incorporation of Florida largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides floridanus) alleles in northern largemouth bass (Micropterus s. salmoides) populations of several Arkansas reservoirs using microsatellite analysis
Authors: Ronald L. Johnson and Karl Lamothe
: 2012
Outlet: Report to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission